MHC Bearing Checker

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Rugged hand-held device for instant analysis of bearing health of rotating machinery by measuring acoustic emissions.
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MHC Bearing Checker (1)
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This hand-held device measures high-frequency Acoustic Emissions (AE) to monitor bearing condition and lubrication state in rotating machinery.
The patented MHC sensor gives improved repeatability and is remarkably rugged. Easily attached to multiple machines by its magnetic front, within 10 seconds the sensor displays both dB Level and Distress® values. dB Level is an indication of the overall noise of the bearing and is dependent on speed, degradation and lubrication. Distress® gives an instant indication of the state of the bearing’s health.
The unit is powered by an internal rechargeable battery, offering up to 1000 measurements between charges, and is recharged through a micro USB port. The device is provided with its own padded bag.

MHC Bearing Checker brochure


Power Internal rechargeable battery with USB port
Temperature 0 to 65 deg-C
Display LCD, 2 lines by 8 characters
Manual The user manual for this device will be made available on product purchase.